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Hinged Frames
Series #50


Both styles can be used either free standing, for a dresser or shelf, or they can be hung on a wall.  They can be hung either vertically or horizontally.  The backside of all our Barnwood Series Hinged Frames are key-holed to allow for just this.

For several years now we have been producing two different styles of hinged frames in our Barnwood Frame series.

5x7 Double Hinged (2X)
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5x7 Double Hinged (2X)
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5X7 Triple hinged X3
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5x7 Triple Hinged (3X)
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All of these frames are manufactured for 5x7 pictures.  Barnwood series #50 2X is the two frame style and Barnwood series #50 3X is the three-frame style.

These hinged frames are ideal for family pictures or for displaying a related theme of photos or pictures.  Whether you choose the Barnwood Frames Series #50 2X or the Barnwood Frames Series #50 3X, they are constructed in a similar way to our basic frames, although we make the face of each frame slightly narrower so as to avoid a bulky look.

As with all our other Barnwood Frames, they come with flexi-points on the back for easy access for adding your choice of picture.  Also, on the reverse side of the frame is a bio of the history of our Barnwood frames and these old barns.

Prices for Barnwood Frames Series #50
Frames include standard black and white images
Double Hinged Frame (2X): $39.95 Triple Hinged Frame (3X): $55.95

The prices listed are retail.  Wholesale inquiries welcome. 

We also offer discount prices to clubs and organizations interested in fund raising.


"Just a quick note to say what a gem the barnwood frames have been for us. The price point is fantastic, the shipping is swift and the product is rustic but quality; an easy sell to all of our clients. Having an assortment of sizes certainly helps in their display. Their versatility is great with the basic picture frames able to be wall hanging or standing, vertical or horizontal. Plus the assortment available is simple but diverse enough to help a client find a perfect match."

Two Wolves Trading Company
Canmore, Alberta